Relentless was founded in 2010 by two avid anglers in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, we've developed 4 core principles:

    Everyone's gotta start somewhere. We want everybody to be stoked on getting outside and catching fish, whether it's your best friend or your best friend's grandma.

We aim to inform. From insights on twitching jigs to proper handling of native steelhead, we love helping people find success on the water.


As much as everyone loves the super serious, furrowed-brow angler culture, we're out here to have fun. Getting outside with good company creates great memories, even when the steelhead aren't running.


We live for this. We're on the water day in and day out, throwing jigs, flies, spinners, or whatever. We love meeting new people who love angling as much as we do.


Great fishing gear can be the difference between an awesome day on the water or a bummed-out drive home. We're lucky to be sponsored by great companies who make killer products that we believe in (and beat the crap out of).


We love hooking into chrome-bright winter steelhead as much as anyone, but we also want to make sure these fish are around for our kids and grandkids to catch. In order to do our part, we support and contribute to the following groups:

P.S.- Any profit from our merch goes directly to supporting these groups, so go buy a hoodie or 5!